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You can order Zenidol cream on our official website. Complete the form with the fields, indicating in them your name, telephone number. The price of the drug is {€ 45}, with a 50% discount on the drug. It is one of the best remedies in the country for those who require treatment for toenail fungus.

Toe fungus

Zenidol cream is a cream whose main objective is to treat foot fungus. The product is made with natural elements. The herbal antimicrobial compounds that are part of the cream help eliminate mycosis without damaging the normal microflora of the skin. Thanks to its universal formula, the drug can be used to combat more than 10 types of foot fungus.

How does Zenidol cream work?

This foot fungus remedy does the following:

  1. Heals cracks, fully restores the integrity of the skin.
  2. Forms a protective barrier on intact parts of the skin, slows down the penetration of pathogens into them.
  3. Improves the immunity of cellular structures, prevents new infections.
Attacking fungi with Zenidol cream

Benefits of the Zenidol cream against foot fungus

The gels used for mycosis cannot penetrate deeply into tissue structures. Because of this, they have a short-term healing effect. Gels are generally used to relieve symptoms rather than a full treatment for toenail fungus. Zenidol cream, unlike similar drugs, helps to completely eliminate foot fungus, has the following advantages:

On our official website you can order the Zenidol cream with the following composition:

The composition of the cream Zenidol

Preparation component Description
Tea tree oil Natural antiseptic element that effectively eliminates bacterial, viral and fungal microorganisms. The fungicidal effect is obtained due to the higher concentration of terpenes, which destroy the structure of fungi, suppress their vital activity, neutralize pathogens and prevent new infections. The therapeutic effect of the aroma, which is based on the influence of the oil smell, provides an increase in the general tone of the body, protection against pathogenic microbes that affect the respiratory system.
Comfrey extract Provides activation of local immunity, greater resistance to pathogenic microbes. It not only destroys fungal microorganisms, but also restores the structure of the skin, accelerates the growth of nail plates and increases their strength. Also, the element has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates joint joint pain.
Juniper extract This element has a strong antifungal effect. Juniper extract is used even for resistant infectious diseases. Like tea tree oil, this extract has antibacterial and antiviral properties because it contains many phytoncide elements.

The gel is produced under laboratory conditions using innovative technologies. This provides an accurate calculation of the ratio of active and auxiliary elements.

How does the cream eliminate foot fungus?

Eliminating the fungus

It is well known that improperly selected shoes, prolonged use of synthetic clothing, walking without shoes, ignoring personal hygiene rules, and a weakened immune system can all lead to foot fungus. Zenidol provides the elimination of the causes of the disease and also relieves a person from the unpleasant symptoms of foot fungus, including:

Advantages of Zenidol cream

Treating foot fungus with Zenidol cream has the following advantages:

  1. There are no synthetic components in the composition. This ensures the maximum effectiveness of the therapy.
  2. No side effects. This advantage is derived directly from the previous one - natural ingredients allow you to avoid unwanted side effects of the drug.
  3. The highest content of antimicrobial elements. An important advantage of the cream, which allows Zenidol to effectively destroy bacterial and fungal microorganisms. Thanks to this, the treatment of foot fungus takes minimal time.
  4. It has no addictive effect. Many antifungal gels that are on the market today stop helping a person after a while. This is due to the addictive effect, whereby the bacteria stop responding to the drug. Zenidol is free from this drawback.
Healthy legs as a result of using Zenidol cream

Zenidol cream does not include anti-allergy elements. Vitamins strengthen the immune system, soften and hydrate the skin. Like zinc with selenium, they have an antioxidant effect, neutralize free radicals and normalize the acid-base balance. The amino acid components included in the composition of the preparation ensure the restoration of the integrity of the skin with cracks, exfoliation.

You can buy Zenidol cream in Italy on our official website. We make punctual delivery of the medicine to any city that includes the country. You can order the Zenidol foot cream from us at a reduced price: only {€ 45}. For this money, you will receive an effective antifungal agent that will help to get rid of pathogenic microflora as soon as possible.

Italy is the territory of our work, we deliver the medicines requested by our clients to any of their cities.

Doctor's review

Doctor Mycologist Pietro Pietro
17 years
It is a natural cream based on herbal ingredients, which makes it possible to successfully fight diseases at the cellular level, without the slightest damage to the body. The action of the micellar agent is aimed at increasing immunity, eliminating itching and other unpleasant symptoms of a fungal infection, suppressing the activity of fungi and viruses, cleaning and healing the skin, restoring the nail plates. Zenidol helps at any stage of the development of the disease, prevents reinfection and relapses. I recommend this cream to everyone in Italy!