Reviews Zenidol

  • Angelo
    My fungus is in chronic form. Half a year ago I heard about Zenidol cream and decided to try it in action. After a month of using the cream, which eliminated not only all the unpleasant sensations, but also the smelly smell, I still enjoy the result.
  • Caterina
    The mycologist recommended that I buy Zenidol cream, which I did. After 2 weeks, I completely got rid of the infection, inflammation and itchiness, the skin became clean and healthy, and after a month the nail plates took on a normal color and stopped exfoliating.
  • Giuseppina
    I have been using Zenidol cream for a long time. After this cream has strengthened the immune system and helped to get rid of the fungal infection quickly, without having any side effects on the body, I use it regularly, but for preventive purposes.
  • Carmela
    I have never had a fungus, but for some reason I am very afraid of it. I used to clean my heels with rubbing alcohol after going to the gym, but this is very drying to my skin. Now I spot Zenidol. The sensations are the most pleasant and protective from various infections.
  • Antonio
    The mushroom is not a complicated matter, you go barefoot somewhere and voila! I immediately noticed something was wrong so I didn't put it off and ordered Zenidol, it turned out to be a cheap drug, but it helps a lot.
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